A Political Supper with Nadine



Nadine Dorries MP as our guest speaker.

Held at the Jolly Coopers, Wardhedges, 19.30 on Thursday 10 November 2016.


A group of 37 attended this very enjoyable evening, including I am pleased to say, a number of our new Members. Here we all were just a few days after the big political upset in the USA with the largely unexpected win by Donald Trump, to add an extra dimension to the event.

After speaking on a variety of subjects, including the USA and its relations with the UK, Nadine took a number of questions. The British topics which raised the temperature somewhat during the Q&A  were on grammar schools, and housing within the constituency. Views were forthrightly voiced by Members, and Nadine in response.

Feedback from many Members was very positive on the evening, and we will be planning more of these throughout 2017.

Our thanks to Nadine, to Maria for organising , Gillian for the raffle, and to Sylvia.


Colin Wark