Tell us your thoughts...

At the March AGM, Members elected a new committee for the Association. Your new officers are:

Colin Wark - Association Chairman

Gareth Mackey - Deputy Chairman Political & Membership

Maria Spearing - Deputy Chairman Fund Raising

Christine Skeen - Treasurer

The committee would like to build on the work of our outgoing member and keep the Association moving forward. In order to do this we feel that it is vital to re-engage our Members. Many of you will have received a copy of our survey either through your E-Mail Inbox or in the Post.

Whilst we have had many valuable responses, I wish to encourage all members to return their forms to us as soon as possible. Your thoughts and advice will help us frame the future direction of our Association.

If you have not received a copy of this survey please use the attached link to access the form. Please return all forms to



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